The Trident Trilogy and The Four Pillars of Fire

With the imminent arrival of The Scorpion God - Forbidden Wisdom of Belial - The Trident Trilogy has now reached its completion. These first three books are but the opening of the Great Gates of Spiritual Fire which empower the Children of Hecate and Lucifer upon the Path of Soul Evolution. The Fires of the Primal Witch Cult of Hecate have been re-ignited. The Path of Witchfire will now be further illuminated through the coming years by new spiritual teachers who will be chosen to bring forth this Gnosis. Select initiations - which began last year - are held at the Temple of Four Pillars of Fire in the Spanish Mountains. The few who are guided here, chosen by The Dark Goddess will enter the heart of this Forest Temple to inscribe their names within the Book of Souls. All who bare their souls within the temple shall carry the Primal Fire of the Witch Gods within them - seeding the Atlantean Cult of Hecate into the Dragon Lines which are woven throughout the incarnate and spiritual realms.