Garden of the Fountain of the Gods

The formation of a Stellar Gateway of the Gods has been initiated in rural England - ground has been broken and work begun. The task of creating the Garden of the Fountain of the Gods was granted unto a devotee in direct contact - and initiation held at the Mother Temple - by the Goddess of Witchcraft. The Garden will be a place of immense power through which the Star Fire of the Dark Goddess, Hecate will be earthed into the Dragon Lines. This is one of the Great Stellar Gates through which the Kalas of the Gods will begin to purify and cleanse the toxic, poisoned planet that is the living body of Belial. 

Once completed and fuly awoken, the Garden will contain - among other devotions - the Four Gateways of the Primal Trident. This will be a sacred site in which the devotees of the Primal Arte may work, seeking the direct contact of Hecate and Her Kin. 
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