The Altar Of Sacrifice and The Apocalyptic Keys - The Revelation of Gods

Many grandiose speeches are made within the occult community regarding the wanton destruction - in the name of greed - of this planet, and the need for revolution. While in alignment with much of this feeling, I see no formula - through which the Power of the Magickal Arte may be directed to prevent this. I hear only hollow, pretentious words. The world IS burning around us - but Witchcraft without the Will and Desire to act is nothing. The formula with which the Primal Force of the planet - the Body of Belial - may be unleashed must be returned to the hands of the common man. People must be armed with Keys to Gateways such as those of the Apocalypse - as oppose to mere excercises in occult literature which reap false kudos for authors unable to arm the devotees who follow their work.
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