The Altar of Sacrifice

The First Volume of The Way of Sacrifice


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Spiritual evolution is stagnant while the world burns around us. Denial is the mantra of the paternal cults of the lie. Killing for false power and greed is the path to ruin. Witchcraft is nothing without the Will to act and the formula with which to apply this Desire. Magick within the modern world has been gelded – it will not awaken the Great Beast and the Dragon Goddess of the Ancients. There are many paths within the Primal Craft to spiritual evolution, but the Path of Ultimate Empowerment in the Aeon of the Apocalypse requires the bloodying of devoted hands. The formula of the Power of the Ancients, with which the soul may leap entire lifewaves in evolution or apply the Power of the Gods to bring change in the incarnate world, is given within the Volumes of The Way of Sacrifice. Few will walk this path, but the knowledge must be returned - replacing power back into the hands of the common man. 
Hand-bound Blood Pact Edition: 999 Handbound volumes of superior quality to all previous standard editions. Bound in luxurious Lynnel Tan Charbon. Finished with Peregrina Majestic Bronze endpapers. Blocked and stamped in deep copper foil with the Sacred Seal of Flesh and Fur. Publishing date Samhain 2013.  67 €uros plus shipping

400 printed pages. 6 Powerful full page artworks. Over 150 seals and glyphs of the Arte. 
Note: These books are not created with the mass-market hot glue binding process as is common practice with standard publications. All editions are handbound! Head and tail bands contain bamboo cane, inserted by hand to re-enforce book spines, as is custom with genuine handbound volumes.

All copies are individually hand consecrated by the author as Gateways of Primal Witchflame and portals to the source of their power - the Gods themselves. The original text is consecrated with sacrificial reptilian blood. As with all previous Primal Craft Occult Publications this is a once only print run - there will be no second edition or reprint at any time. 

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Primal Craft is the foundation through which the work of the Witchcraft Trident is made available to others. This includes assisting those who currently walk the Path of Witchflame. Primal Craft Occult Publishing is dedicated solely to the creation of high quality single print run grimoires of the Arte.


The Dark Goddess Hecate is the primordial source of all creation. As the Goddess of Witchcraft She is known by many titles. To some She is the Mighty Goddess of Enchantments, to others She is the Invincible Queen of the Dead.

The Witchcraft of Hecate follows Her Draconian Path of spiritual transformation. Through Her teachings the Mother of Lucifer leads us into and through the shadow paths of the Nightside realms.

For those who choose to walk Her dark path this is a transmutational journey of the soul. One which begins as the Dark Queen ignites the seed of Witchblood that is placed deep within the spiritual being.

The Witchcraft of Hecate carries within it the primal current of Her Ancient Arte. The power of the Goddess Herself.

Primal Craft focuses upon the earthing of this ancient magickal current. Ensorcelling this energy within the teachings of Hecate brings those who walk Her path into direct contact with the Queen of Hell, Heaven and Earth.

This is a Craft of Dark Magickal Transformation.

The Call of Hecate

Queen of the Nightside Shadow realms;
Mother of the Dark Horned Solar God;
Hecate of the cross roads, Witchflame Goddess;
I call to the Lady of Dark Transformations;
Through the lunar gate to the darkened Sun;
Through the Star of Heaven and the Gates of Hell;
I call to you Keeper of the Sacred Keys;
With heartfelt passion and yearning soul I ask you;
Unlock the seals of the power of Witchblood;
Open the Way to the Path of Hecate.


Primary Sigil of Hecate